How to move ahead when you’re thinking about moving.

Choosing the right path for you or a loved one is easier when you have all the information you need about your options in the heart of Austin, Minnesota. Connect with one of our experts to begin the journey, plan next steps and eventually choose the best living space or services.

Make A Plan

The best way to know more about any senior living community is to plan a visit or two. Make a point to meet members of the care team and the management team.

Visit & Ask Questions

  • Go for a visit to get a feeling for the living space
  • Sign up as a guest to participate in a social event
  • Talk to other residents who live there and ask them what they like about the community
  • Visit for lunch with a family member or friend
  • Ask what it takes to reserve an apartment

Find the Right Living Space

Your values, interests and concerns serve as a good foundation for helping you discover and plan the next chapter of life.

Check In With Yourself

  • Identify the important people, places and activities you see being central to your everyday life
  • Which activities do you want to continue and which have you always wanted to try?
  • Consider how connected you are to your current community and how proximity plays a role in your participation
  • Think about whether cooking for yourself is a daily experience that brings you joy
  • Is maintenance-free living appealing to you? What would you gain from not having to
    worry about seasonal chores or water pipes?

Discover Your Options

  • Get to know the variety of care services and supportive services available at senior living communities
  • Get familiar with the market price for supportive services, care services, housing options and meal plans
  • Know how meals can be tailored to your dietary preferences and/or requirements
  • If you or a loved one require care services, learn about the personal care plans available
  • Understand the common terms used for describing senior housing [link to SML 5.2] and how they relate to other terms used for the different kinds of housing and services available, such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, Short-Term Rehabilitation, Memory Care, and Long-Term Care
  • Look into whether a senior community near you offers a full continuum of care
  • Consider whether a community you’re looking at is certified by Medicare, HMO, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration
  • Find out if pets are welcome

Connect With An Expert

  • Talk to a senior living expert about your greatest concerns during this possible time of
  • Discuss what is most stressful to you when thinking about moving
  • Discuss your ideas and preferences with the people you love, including a spouse/partner,
    siblings or adult children